UK Inflation Calculator

This calculator allows you to check how the value of money has changed over time. Enter an amount of money for a starting year to see how much money you'd need to purchase an equivalent set of goods in a finishing year.

The calculator will also tell you the average inflation rate and the total amount of inflation experienced between the two years.

We use our best estimate of CPI inflation data to calculate these results.


Inflation Results

£1,000.00 in 2000 is equivalent to


in 2023

£1,000.00 in 2023 is equivalent to


in 2000

Average Inflation


This is the average annual rate of inflation between 2000 and 2023.

Total Inflation


This is the total rate of inflation experienced between 2000 and 2023.

About this calculator

This calculator uses publicly available inflation data to allow you to calculate the effective inflation rate between any two years. We use the following sources: